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本文摘要:人教版八年级上册三第单元汇总(短语语法句型作文)Unit 3 Im more outgoing than my sister.一.重点短语1.play the drums 敲鼓2.the singing competition 歌咏角逐3.the most important thing 最重要的事情4.learn something new 学一些新工具5.have fun 玩得开心;过得愉快6.work hard 努力事情 / 学习7.be talented in 在…


人教版八年级上册三第单元汇总(短语语法句型作文)Unit 3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.一.重点短语1.play the drums 敲鼓2.the singing competition 歌咏角逐3.the most important thing 最重要的事情4.learn something new 学一些新工具5.have fun 玩得开心;过得愉快6.work hard 努力事情 / 学习7.be talented in 在……方面有天赋8.the same as 和……相同;与……一致9.be good at ... 擅长……10.care about 体贴;在意11.make sb. laugh 逗某人笑12.make friends 交朋侪13.as long as 只要;既然14.be different from 与……差别;与……有差异15.bring out 使显现;使体现出16.in fact 确切地说;事实上;实际上17.break one's arm 摔断胳膊18.get good grades 取得好结果19.be similar to 与……相像的、类似的20.be good with 善于应付……的;对……有措施21.primary school 小学22.A good friend is like a mirror. 好朋侪就像一面镜子。23.Friends are like books. 朋侪就像书籍一样。24.A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.25.一个真正的朋侪是在需要时给你资助,使你感动。

二.重点句型1. Sam has longer hair than Tom.= Sam's hair is longer than Tom's.Sam 的头发比Tom的长。2. I'm taller now than I was 2 years ago= I was shorter 2 years ago than I am now.现在的我比两年前更高。3. I study harder now than I did 2 years ago.现在的我比两年前学习更努力了。4. I studied harder 2 years ago than I do now.两年前的我比现在学习更努力。

5. Who is smarter, your mother or your father?谁更智慧,你的老爸还是老妈?6. My mother told me a good friend is like a mirror.妈妈告诉我好朋侪像一面镜子。7. That's why I like reading books.那就是我为什么喜欢念书。

8. I think friends are like books —— you don't need a lot of them as long as they're good.我认为朋侪像书,只要是好的就不必须要太多。9. I'm shy so it's not easy for me to make friends.我很含羞,所以交朋侪对于我来说不容易。10. It's not necessary to be the same.没有须要一样。

11. I don't really care if my friends are the same as me or different.我不太体贴朋侪是否与我一样。12. A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.真朋侪在你需要是资助你,感动你。13. In fact, she's funnier than anyone.事实上,她比任何人都更诙谐。14. In what ways are you different?你们在哪些方面差别?15. Is he different from you in any way?在某方面他与你差别吗?三.习习用法1、tell(1)告诉:tell sb. sth(不能为it/them)= tell sth. to sb. ;tell sb. (not) to do sth.(2)分辨;识别:Can you tell the differences between the twins?2、though意为"然而;可是",表现转折关系,常放于句尾,用逗号离隔,而however可位于句首、句中或句末,常用逗号离隔。

例如:However, You can tell that Lisa really wanted to win.3、(1)look like:看起来像(外貌)(2)be like:像(性格,外貌)4、bring out(1)使显现;使体现出:The dress brings out the color of her skin.(2)bring out生产;出书:The factory brings out a new kind of car.(3)bring out the best/worst in sb. 引发出某人最好/最差的品质5、care(1)(n)小心;审慎例如:Cross the road with care.Take care! 当心/保重(2)介意;在乎(=mind)例如:I don't care what happens.(v)care about:体贴;在意例如:He doesn't care about nothing people say.(3)care for体贴;照顾= take care of=look after(4)喜欢;想要(否认句或疑问句)例如:Would you care for a cup of coffee?6、be there for sb. 随叫随到;不离左右。如:Parents are always there for children.be there to do sth. 随时准备资助。如:She is there to work out the problem.7、both:两个都;用在实义动词之前,其它动词之后。

例如:You are both too young.They both speak English.(1)Both of ...+名词复数如:Both of the flowers are beautiful. 两朵花都很漂亮。(2)both... and...两者都....反义词组:neither.. .nor...两者都不.....注意:all都(三者或三者以上);either两者中任意一个;every每个(三者或三者以上)8、reach(1)到达:reach /arrive at /get to the school(2)伸手去拿:reach(out one's hand)for sth.(3)与...取得联系。例如:How can I reach you?(4)延伸。

例如:The forest reaches as far as the river. 森林延伸到河滨。9、touch(1)(v)接触;触摸。

例如:Don't touch the paint! 请勿触油漆!触动;感动。例如:I was touched/moved by his words. 我被他的话感动了。(2)(n)接触;联系:keep in /lose touch with sb. 与...保持/失去联系get in touch with sb. 与...取得联系10、laugh at sb. 笑话/取笑某人make/let /have sb. do sth.= get sb. to do sth. 使某人做某事make+宾语+形容词:使某人/某事怎样例如:His words make us happy.11、make friends with sb. 与...交朋侪It's+adj.+ for sb.+ to do sth某人做某事怎么样. (It是形式主语,to do sth是真正主语)12、The most important thing 最重要的事情13、That is why+陈述句式。

那是....的原因四. 词汇辨析1. break/ break down/ break outbreak 可作动词和名词,作动词时意为"打破,违背";作名词时意为"休息"。例如:Hugh broke the silence. "Is she always late?" he asked.Hugh打破了缄默沉静,问道:"她总是迟到吗?"They may be able to help with childcare so that you can have a break.他们可以帮助照料孩子,这样你就可以歇一歇了。

break down抛锚,出故障;(身体)垮掉;坏掉Their car broke down. 他们的车子出故障了。You will break down if you think too much. 如果你想得太多,会瓦解的。break out发作A war broke out between the two countries last year.去年两国间发作了一场战争。2. care /careful /carefully /care for /care about /take care/ take care ofcare n./v.忧虑;体贴,照顾careful adj. 小心的,仔细的carefully adv.仔细地,小心地care for喜欢,照料;care about在乎;take care当心;take care of照料Do you care about me?你体贴我吗?She met both dogs and did not care for either. 两只狗她都见了,一个都不喜欢。


The little boy cares about his pet dog very much. 谁人小男孩很是在意他的宠物狗。How can a little girl like her take good care of herself? 像她这样的一个小女孩怎么能够照顾好自己呢?3. share/.share withshare v. 分享;共享;共用;分摊Britain and America share a common language.英国和美国共用一种语言。

share sth. with sb.与某人分享某物Would you like to share your toys with your little brother, Tom?Tom,你愿意和你的弟弟分享你的玩具吗?4. different /be different from/the same as/be similar todifferent adj.差别的London was different from most European capitals.伦敦同大多数欧洲国家的首都有所差别。be different from与……差别He wants to push himself forward and be different from the others.他就爱出风头,显得与众差别。

the same as与……一样My stand on this is just the same as it was four years ago.我对此事的态度与四年前无异。be similar to与……相似Her ideas are quite similar to mine.她的看法和我的很相似be similar to后既可以接物主代词又可以接人,即:be similar to sb./sth.;My problems are similar to yours.我的问题与你的类似。Wasps look similar to bees.黄蜂看上去很像蜜蜂。

be similar in sth. 在某一方面相像/相似The two houses are similar in size.两栋屋子在巨细上相似。5. be similar to/be similar inbe similar to后既可以接物主代词又可以接人,即:be similar to sb./sth.;My problems are similar to yours.我的问题与你的类似。Wasps look similar to bees.黄蜂看上去很像蜜蜂。

be similar in sth. 在某一方面相像/相似The two houses are similar in size.两栋屋子在巨细上相似。五.重点语法1.形容词,副词原级1.1寄义用于两者之间的同级比力,表现前后两者的情况一样1.2. 用法1.2.1 句型"as…as",表现两者相比力,水平相同Science is as important as maths.自然科学与数学一样重要.He runs as fast as I. 他和我跑得一样快.1.2.2句型"not as(so)…as",表现两者相比力,前者不如后者I'm not as tall as Jack. 我没有杰克高.She doesn't run so fast as I. 她没有我跑得快.This warship is not so big as that one. 这艘军舰没有那艘大.1.2.3 "as…as"结构若指同一小我私家或物,只是说明某人或某物具有两种性质.译为"又……又……This computer is as good as it is cheap.这台电脑又好又自制.The boy is as strong as he is brave.这个男孩又结实又勇敢.The city of Suzhou is as beautiful as it is clean.苏州城既漂亮又洁净.2.形容词,副词比力级2.1寄义表现两者(人或物)之间的比力,有水平上的差异2.2组成副词形容词的比力级的组成分规则变化和不规则变化2.2.1规则变化2.2.1.1单音节词及少数双音节词组成法① 一般在单音节词末尾加-er,tall(高的)-taller    great(庞大的)-greater ②以不发音的e末端, 加-rnice(好的)- nicer  large(大的)-larger ③以一个辅音字母末端的重读闭音节单词,要双写这个辅音字母,再加-erbig(大的)-bigger   hot热的)-hotter   ④以"一个辅音字母+y"末端的单词,要将y变为i,再加-ereasy(容易的)-easier   busy(忙的)-busier多音节词及部门双音节词在词前加more,组成比力级important(重要的) -more important    easily(容易地) -more easily   2.2.2不规则变化good / well→better  bad / ill/badly→worse many / much→more  little→less  far→farther(表现距离) / far→further(表现水平)old→older(表现新旧或年事)/ elder (表现兄弟姐妹之间的长幼关系)2.3 形容词副词比力级的用法2.3.1表现两者之间比力时,用"形容词比力级+than"或"less…than"两种句型Your mother looks healthier than before.你妈妈看上去比以前康健了.I'm less interested in basketball than you.我没有你对篮球感兴趣.2.3.2形容词的比力级还可以用于以下句型中①more and more… 越来越…….The park is getting more and more beautiful.这个公园变得越来越美了.China had become stronger and stronger.中国已变得越来越强大了.②the more…the… 越……就越…….The more books we read, the cleverer we will become.我们读的书越多,就会变得越智慧.The more trees, the better. 树越多越好.The sooner, the better. 越早越好.The more exercise we take, the healthier we are. 我们越磨炼,身体就越康健.③"the+比力级+of the two…"两其中较……的一个I'd like to go to the farther of the two places. 我愿意去两个地方中更远的谁人地方.She is the fatter of the two girls. 她是那两个女孩中较胖的一个.④比力级表现最高级"比力级+than any other+单数名词"比其他任何……都…….Li Lei is taller than any other boy in his class.李雷比他班上其他任何一个男孩都高.(暗指李雷最高)The population of China is larger than any other countries in the world.中国的人口比世界上其他任何国家的人口都多.(暗指中国人口最多)2.3.3在两者之间选择"哪一个更……"时,用句型"Which / Who is +比力级, ... or ...?"。如:Which sweater is cheaper, the red one or the yellow one?3.形容词副词原级,比力级修饰词3.1原级在as...as结构的形容词原级的第一个as前经常用:Just, quite ,almost ,nearly ,half例如:This story was quite as interesting as we had thought.这个故事和我们想象的一样十分精彩。


The bike is not half so new as mine.这辆自行车还没有我的一半新3.2、形容词比力级①用来增强比力水平的有:Much ,a lot ,a great deal,by far,far,still,Even,manyShe speaks English far better than me.她说英语比我好得多It was far more beautiful than I expected.比我想象的漂亮多了。②用来弱化比力语气的有:Little,no,slightly,a little,a bit,anyI'm a little taller than my sister.我比我妹妹高一点点。The room is a bit larger than that one.这个房间比谁人大一点点。

六. 满分作文Yesterday on my way home I met a classmate of mine. We were in a primary school two years ago.Her name is Zhou Yan. I found she was much taller than before. She told me that she liked playing tennis. She was on the school team and she was very popular in her school. So she looked more athletic than before. Then she told me that she studied well in her class. All her classmates and teachers said she was very intellectual. We talked for a long time. We talked a lot. She told me a lot of funny stories of her. I thought she was more outgoing and polite than before.At last we decided that we would play tennis together next Sunday.昨天在回家的路上,我遇见了我的一个同学。两年前我们在一所小学。她的名字叫周燕。








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